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Ownsell is simply a method of selling your own home online so that you can beat hefty Estate Agent charges!

It's so simple and obvious that more and more homeowners are taking advantage of this low cost - high benefit opportunity.

Selling your home yourself could be some of the best paid work you ever do, as David and Clair Roberts found out when they each sold their Paphos properties in less than three weeks and walked away with over £7,500 extra in their pockets.

When it comes to selling, most homeowners turn to a local estate agent but estate agent fees can vary drastically  from property to property. Last year a consumer research group f found that on average, 1.8 -   3 per cent of a property sale is taken by an estate agent.

On a £300,000 property that equates to over £5,400 that could go towards a deposit for a better mortgage, a bigger home, or fitting out your new property.

For someone selling a more expensive property the bills are even higher - £13,500 on a £750,000 home....So doesn't it make good sense to sell your own property? You still need a lawyer to tie up the legal issues but the crazy estate agent charges are eliminated!

Well this is how you do it...................Sign up with Cyprussaver.com, download photographs of your property, describe in your own words the salient and charming points relating to your house and then just stand by to manage the enquiries from buyers looking for a bargain. Sign-up is Free and your property will be available to view in a few minutes, however if you want to feature exclusively on the Cyprussaver Home Page  a one off payment of less than  Euro 20 per month keeps your property visible on the fully optimised Cyprussaver.com site. Either option allows you to update or modify your page at anytime 24/7 365 days a year.

If you need more information or assistance to register on Cyprussaver.com then  please contact David on info@cyprussaver.com now.

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Ownsell -  It makes perfect sense to Ownsell! The DIY sellng of your property without the crippling Estate Agent feesi