Address: Nicosia
Town: Akropolis
Area: Nicosia
Telephone: 22317108

Business Description:
‘KidCulture’, Cyprus’ first Family Lifestyle & Parenting magazine published and distributed by AccessArts Publications Ltd, a member of the Cyprus International Children's Organisations Network.
KidCulture, born June 2009, aims to inform and entertain whilst providing new families with everything they need to know about life with kids in Cyprus.

The magazine offers intelligent, well researched and inspiring articles, news and tips on parenting and child issues, written in English and Greek, by professional writers and authoritive figures in education, research and child care, as well as parents, and in collaboration with NGO’s.
It also acts as an indispensible guide - through reviews and listings of the latest kids’ trends, technologies, products, venues, activities and events islandwide - that parents, teachers and researchers want to hold onto..!

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Philosophy & Aims
At the heart of this publication are :

* Encouraging healthy and environmentally conscious living

* Promoting a child centred approach and positive parenting/teaching for educational,
physical and emotional development

* Supporting and helping foreign families to adapt to life in Cyprus and keep up to date
with developments both here and abroad

* Disseminating vital news & information, on behalf of non-profit organisations

Cyprus is appreciated for its strong family values and slow pace, however it can often
be a frustrating place to live, particularly for new parents and kids trying to keep in touch
with the latest trends, and those used to more forward thinking lifestyles and attitudes.
Today’s parents, more than ever, need to be well informed so that they’re in a position to
make sound choices in creating a healthy, educational, loving and safe environment for
their family...

KidCulture aims to promote awareness whilst offering indispensable information and
support to those with the awsome, life changing but rewarding role of nurturing children into healthy, confident and perceptive individuals!