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Business Description:

Frion Cat Litter Company are the specialists in cat litter. Headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus we represent local mineowners and manufacturers who distribute to many EU Countries. Through our associates we have a representation in global markets and can provide marketing and sales advice as well as bulk or packaged supplies of high quality cat litter to any terriority where domestic cats are kept.

Frion Cat Litter is a bentonite based cat litter made in Cyprus from the natural non-metallic mineral bentonite, After the dressing process it undergoes an effective and natural granulation and drying process where it is refined to form its milky-white and opaque particles. When wetted the granules form instant clumps, preventing moisture from spreading. Dust-free and with no natural odour, it is the ideal material for absorbing cat waste. We add no chemicals – apart from scents, if required – helping protect the health of our customers’ cats.

Frion cat litter can completely absorb the liquid waste in seconds and leaves the  litter tray dry, thereby inhibiting  bacterial growth and keeping your treasured pet healthy and clean.

The mineral is exported around the world, including UK, where it is packed in brand livery and resold to pet suppliers around the world. (Contact us to find our special export prices).

For our Cypriot customers we circumvent the lengthy and expensive delivery chain and offer direct to you exactly the same product at unbelievable prices.

Since the beginning of this year we are  targeting the Island's Cat Sanctuaries, Cattery's and the discerning pet lover who wants to cut out the middle man and get the very best for their pets at realistic and affordable prices.(Cat Sanctuaries and catteries please contact us to discuss special bulk rates)

We all know that Cat Litter can be extremely expensive everywhere in the world not least in Cyprus. For example, a 10Kg (16Litre) bag of a reasonable quality Thomas Cat Litter costs anything from 7.50 to 8.50! This is far too much for an essential cat care product so we have developed a scheme to knock this price out of the water! We can offer direct to you our standard household pack sizes. These are:

  • 5 Kg bags
  • 10 Kg bags

Either size can be supplied in plain or customized paper sacks. Frion Cat Litter can also be supplied packaged and palletised according to customer requirements.

So whats the catch?

There is no catch! Place an order with us for a regular monthly supply and we will fix the price of 4.50 for a 10Kg Bag of Frion Cat Litter for the duration of 2014. Buy 10 bags and 11th bag is Free!

Order twenty 10Kg bags of Frion Cat Litter a month and we will further reduce the price to €4.00 a bag.- and give you a further two free!

Frion Cat Litter is arguably the least expensive quality litter product in Cyprus, it exceeds the quality of many of the brand commercial products offered in many stores and supermarkets today.

Our product is capturing the imagination of the cat loving public because Frion Cat Litter is quite simply a quality bargain buy!

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