Sign Up Guide

The first 7 cell headings (Company Name, Contact Name etc) are self explanatory and should all be filled in.



(User Input)


If you have a business Logo (JPEG file) then you can upload it here. If you haven’t got one then you can get one designed and upload it later on.

Category(1) &


(User Input)


Click on the pull down window and select the most suitable Category appropriate to your business. Within your selection there should be a suitable sub-category. Select the most appropriate sub-category that reflects the business. Note: If a suitable category or sub-category is not there, just click the dropdown menu to the entry “Category not Here?” and we will generate a new category/sub-category for you after the Registration process.

Category(2)& Sub-Category

(User Input)


This Dropdown allows you to list your business under an additional Category. For example a business might be a Hotel and a Restaurant, so the same business can be listed under “Accommodation & Hotels” and  “Restaurants”

Business Description

(User Input)


Enter a welcoming message to let customers know about your company, what you do and how you can help them!(Take a look at the sort of entry other business on the site have made)


(User Input)


If your business already owns a web-site then enter the link here – if not then leave blank. We will refer customers to it on your page.

“Area” down to “Postcode”

(User Input)

Self explanatory

Opening Times

(User Input)

Use the pull down buttons to display opening/closing times.

Google map code

(User Input - code required from Google Maps)


This provides a map to the location of your business. Note:The business must submit their business details to Google Maps to obtain a listing code. (This can be done at a later stage)

Product and Services Description

(User Input)


Write descriptions of your products and services. This cell can display logos of brands that you sell, and also allows you to show videos too!

Menu, Pricelist and Latest catalogue

(User Input)


Give your customers the ability to look through your latest Menus, Pricelists & Catalogues so they can browse and compare before buying. Also saves you money on printing costs. Note:The Menu, Pricelists and Catalogues must be in either .pdf or .doc files)

“Telephone” down to “Security Code”

(User Input)

Self Explanatory. Using the PayPal dropdown button you  can choose 1 year, 2 year or 3 year subscription where the 2 & 3 year options offers 3 and 6 months FREE respectively. Note: You do not need a PayPal account - everything is done for you safely and securely by PayPal! 


Click “Submit”

A confirmatory email will then be sent to you which you then use to “Log in” to the website to amend your submission, manage your account and also add vouchers and add photos to your page.