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This is a solution that consumers will always need and one that businesses can exploit for their own benefit!

The Law of the Customer

The customer always acts to satisfy his or her interests by seeking the very most and best at the lowest price possible. Customers practice economic calculation in their choices. They seek to minimize their purchases and to minimize their costs, or outlays. Customers always attempt to get the things they want the fastest and easiest way possible, right now, at the lower possible price. This is not a problem. This is merely a fact of business life. Customers want the very most for the very least, and they will buy from whomever they feel can best give it to them.

Customers are Both Demanding and Ruthless

Customers are both demanding and ruthless; they reward highly those companies that serve them best and allow those companies that serve them poorly to fail. Sam Walton once said, “We all have the same boss, the customer, and he can fire us any time he wants by deciding to buy somewhere else.” It isn't that customers don't care about your business, its just that customers care more about themselves and their own satisfaction than they do about the success or failure of your enterprise. Wherever you see a business fail, you see a business where the owners were either unable or unwilling to adjust their offerings to satisfy the customers at prices that allowed them to carry on.

Reach A Larger Audience & Grow Your Customer Base! is not a listings directory and is not just interested in advertising your business, We're here to PROMOTE IT by using our innovative and interactive website to attract as many customers to you as possible!

Our vision is to help as many people as possible, providing a solution to help businesses promote products and services online to reach a larger audience, strengthen relations with consumers, build brand recognition and grow their customer base.

Resulting in more sales for you, it’s the best way to showcase your new products. Provide buying incentives for new clients, control negotiation on high value items or use simply use it to move your stock. This helps the consumer find and take advantage of the best, most attractive deals, quickly and easily over the internet. It’s the ideal solution, a winning formula where everybody benefits; This makes us the perfect one-stop-shop to compare deals before ordering or buying anything!

Clicking onto your comprehensive profile, users will be greeted by your company logo, your all-important exclusive offer, your welcoming introduction, full contact details, an interactive map to guide them directly to your door, a link to your website (if you have one), opening times, menu's, pricelists, catalogues, a photo gallery plus much, much more!

Let’s face it, you have competition… Lots of it! It’s very important to promote your business through multiple channels to gain more customers, to show them that what you have is of value to them and their lifestyle. In return they’ll value you, recommend you, refer you to their friends and your reputation will grow.

This is a fully functioning and optimized website that gives your business a great chance to stand out from the crowd and gets you noticed with your very own dedicated web page to promote your business.

Reactivate, Retain & Attract New Customers!

The promotions market is expanding rapidly due to the downturn in the economy. It’s survival of the fittest, literally thousands of smart businesses in Cyprus now offer incentives to retain and attract new customers... the trouble is finding the best way to get their offers out to the people! Let be the glue that brings you and all those consumers together.

To keep the focus on you, we’ve made sure there won’t be any competitive advertising on your page to distract users! In fact, there won’t be any advertising throughout the entire website!

Businesses that invest in their customers grow many times faster than those that don’t! Consumers will always look to save! They’re more frugal than ever and love a bargain... even though they’re constantly looking to maintain their lifestyle.

A Powerful Marketing Tool For Your Business!

We have designed our website in such a way, that Promoting on is accessible to all businesses, large and small. We focus on Quality and Service and understand that it’s not only consumers that demand value for money! That’s why our membership is cheaper than any form of advertising or promoting around today. It’s much more cost effective than running your own website or even leaflet dropping. Not only the best price but also by far the best deal!

Our only condition of Membership is that you agree to have a constant offer or incentive running in order to attract more customers, that’s it! Infiltrate new areas, expand your customer base and inject some confidence into your market. This is going to be an excellent marketing tool for you!


The Market & Situation

Consumers Are Now More Cautious When It Comes To Purchasing Non-Essential Items!


  • The 2012 ‘Cyprobarometer’ states that MORE THAN 1 in 2 Cypriots say their financial situation has worsened in the past year – the highest results from people polled in the annual ‘Cyprobarometer’ since 1997.
  • Businesses are closing rapidly and those who remain open are struggling to reach previous annual highs due to the drop in consumer spending and confidence.

How many companies in Cyprus do NOT have a website?

Amazingly around 70% do not have a website, and only 5% of them are optimized! No website means limited ways for a potential customer to find sufficient information on the web. If you are one of these companies then you’ve come to the right place. We can solve this problem for you immediately and with great impact!


  • The percentage of Cypriots buying goods online from other EU countries doubled in 2011, according to the spring Consumer Markets Scoreboard published by the European Commission.
  • Cypriots and tourists are increasingly using the Web to find the information they need. Internet speeds are getting faster, more affordable and more widely accessible. Cafes and bars now offer free connection. Most homes already connect to the Internet. When they search, will they find you? Or will they find your competitors first?
  • Internet advertising and television are now the most powerful media, far exceeding radio and newspapers/magazines.
  • Websites now show consumers which foreign companies deliver to Cyprus because it’s cheaper to purchase goods abroad, taking even more business from Cyprus. We are losing more trade every day. We need to restore confidence into the Cyprus market. Be proactive, show our people and tourists how much we value them. If the RoC lost more custom how well would your business do?

What percentage of the Cyprus population will be Internet users in the next 3 years?

A massive 75%! That’s an audience of over 600,000 people. The same survey showed that the money spent advertising online in the next 3 years will triple, outspending newspaper campaigns (excluding weekends). (RAI Consultants Ltd - 2009)


Giving discounts and incentives are proven to give new and repetitive custom. Our solution is cleverly designed to complement new or established businesses with existing strategies.

One of the things you’re going to love about our website is how much we’ll promote your business. Think of all the money we’ll save you on just advertising alone! Become a member and you’ll get your own consumer-orientated, dedicated page which you will have complete control of and will be able to update at your own convenience.


Features & Benefits

We understand that your requirements will change over time and have designed our solution so that it can adapt with your needs!

Great Tools For Those Who Are Serious About Promoting!

Your Own Account! Keep all your information up to date, make unlimited changes to your Profile. Change your Offers and Incentives at any time according to your stock and local area. No need to worry about any extra charges.

Your Own FREE Sub-Domain ( Great if you do not already have a website to direct customers to so you never lose a new customer again! Get exposure even when you’re closed and let your customers view catalogues, pricelists and menus anytime 24/7. More cost effective than running your own website.

Save yourself money by using our site as your own web site instead of building one and trying to maintain it yourself. Perhaps your current web site is not that hot or optimized, then don’t embarrass yourself anymore, save the money and use your subdomain name (for free) on

Your Profile Page Features


Own the page and get some brand recognition!

Voucher Details

Supply the Voucher code, description, validity period and terms to communicate complete offer details and attract instant orders/bookings!

Printable Voucher

Submit your own customised voucher so that it is familiar with your POS (point of sale) system!

Business Description

A welcoming message to let them know about your company, what you do and how you can help them!

Photo Gallery

Add stunning photos to give your audience a real flavour of how fantastic your products or services are. Raise interested!

Email & Web Address Link

Drive more traffic to your site and make it easy for a customer to make an enquiry!

Full Address & Contact Details

Make it easy for your customer to reach you and know where you are.

Interactive Location Map

Help customers find you quickly and easily! Also saves you having to explain it all over the phone.

Upload PDF’s

Give your customers the ability to look through your latest Menus, Pricelists & Catalogues so they can browse and compare before buying. Also saves on printing costs.

Opening Times

No more bad experiences or lost time for customers turning up when you’re closed!

Products & Services Description

Write descriptions of your products and services and not only display logos of brands that you sell but show videos too!


ADDED Benefits Besides Having A Highly Customized & Top Class Profile


Your Own Sub Domain Personalized web address to put on your marketing material to direct customers to details of your promotion and service provided including photo’s, menu’s, map, pricelists etc. Great if you don’t have a website and much much cheaper!

Front Page Top 10’s

Top 10 Newest Business - Shows the latest Business members!

Get featured in 4 different ways

Top 10 Most Popular – Shows the most clicked offers!


Top 10 Featured Business – For businesses wanting to be featured on the front page!


Top 10 Featured Discount - Got a super hot offer, get featured on the front page!

Offer Of The Week

Fantastic offers get the attention they deserve!

Weekly Newsletter

All new businesses get featured together with a link to their profiles!

Sophisticated Search Filter

Will scan your profile to make absolutely sure that your customers can find you easier and in more ways with your descriptions, products and services.


High exposure! Page 1 rankings on major search engines. No need to hire an expensive search engine optimizer or worry about doing this yourself.

No Sponsored Advertising

A whole page dedicated to you and no competitive advertising. Keep your visitors focused on what you have to offer with no distractions


Unlike directories, your competitors and other similar businesses will not be shown unless they also value being a member.

Unrivalled & Unbeatable!

So, how much does it cost for all this? Much less than you’d expect! Our membership package is far more attractive than anything in comparison...

If you are interested in increasing your business through online promotion, then becoming a member is a no-brainer! For only a special introductory rate of less than €20 per month you have the benefits from all these great features; increasing your exposure and enhancing your presence & reputation.

You can set up your profile in a matter of minutes. We’ve done the hard work for you, simply upload your details and select your membership, Easy! Our Content Managers add your map location and conduct a check to verify that all of the information is correct and that your profile is complete. You can then log in and start adding your promotional offers